self sightseeing

Amsterdam Self Tour

Got there on a Friday and left after spending a weekend here. It felt similar to Vegas in that a weekend was more than enough time :) Actually, I would have liked to have explored the outskirts of the city or even got out of the city, but simply ran out of time. I went to the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House, both of which are worth visiting without question.

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Antwerp Self Tour

I only spent a total of six hours in Antwerp. Basically, I scheduled a half day stop here while traveling between Brussels and Amsterdam. I got off the train, locked my backpack in a locker at the station, and headed down the main street towards the water. It was mid-morning, so it wasn’t busy at all. Passed quite a few jewelry stores on the way!

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Bruges Self Tour

I had planned on a bike tour here, but it was pouring rain. I started heading to the meeting point and had to stop to buy an umbrella. At that point I was wet and didn’t want to ride around getting soaked, so I decided to skip out on it. Instead I went to the Belfort Tower and walked around the Historic Centre area. I refused to pay to walk up the steps; it seemed like a rip off.

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