Gardens & Palaces of Potsdam Bike Tour

By Tim | January 1, 2019

This might be the most fun bike tour that I have ever been on. It must have been a combination of the guide and the group, because it didn’t cover as much as the other tours that I did in Berlin. However, it was simply fun.

We were actually supposed to catch a train back, but the guide and group decided just to bike the whole way back. Well of course part way back one of the group’s Australians somehow broke the peddle on his bike. You’ll see us trying to use a stick as a makeshift peddle; it turned into a hilarious effort and we were fairly late getting back. I hope the guide didn’t get fired!

Tour Highlights

  • Sanssouci Palace
  • Nikolai Church
  • Old Town Hall
  • Dutch Quarter
  • New Gate
  • Brandenburg Gate Potsdam
  • Chinese House
  • Stop for lunch at traditional german restaurant (not included)
  • New Palace
  • Orangerie Palace
  • Obelisk
  • Alexandrowka
  • Cecilienhof Palace
  • Glienicke Bridge
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