St Christopher’s Village

By Tim | January 1, 2018

Honestly, I choose this hostel because of a combination of reviews, having a close tube station (Borough), and being walking distance to The Ministry of Sound. This ended up being a great choice for all three reasons. I ended up closing the Ministry of SOund at around 6:30 am one night. I remember walking back from the club and people were walking around dressed up going to work. It was odd. They had a dollar beer Monday too I kind of remember; too many dollar beers that night! Overall, this was probably the cleanest and friendliest hostel I’ve ever been too. I actually haven’t had bad experiences outside of the US; hostels in the US are a completely different thing. First thing I did when I got there was buy a plate of fries from their bar / restaurant and then dump mayonaise on my plate and eat them. It was brilliant. We just don’t do that often in the US.


St Christopher’s Village 165 Borough High Street London

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